Customer relationship management (CRM) reducing costs and increasing profitability by organizing and automating business processes that growing customer satisfaction and loyalty. DATALOGIC CRM+ is fully customized solution helping to keep on eye most important business process chain elements. This solution is one of the business axel and all customer relations can be managed effectively and produce considerable results.
360° degree view of your customers   Increased client's satisfaction
Simplified work for a manager   Eliminated work duplication
Shared central database   Reduced number of mistakes

Fully integrates in ERP process chain
DATALOGIC CRM+ is a part of DATALOGIC business management platform, which involves customers related information from all processes.
Predictable interface for data input
Integration and customization allows fit interfaces to business needs and achieve maximum performance in daily tasks.
Mobility and data collecting
Every process, every action can hold useful information. Data collection in all workplaces can help to make important decisions.
Fully remote access
DATALOGIC CRM+ can be used from any device with browser and internet. Move in free, use in easy and collect revenue.
Alerts and Notifications
Monitoring is important part of process chain, be informed on time about important events related to clients.
Intelligence and smart search
We understand that search is daily or even hourly used function which need to be maximum flexible and handy.
Integration with website
Do not freeze system inside your company. Exploit internet possibilities and let your customers use it and bring information for you.
Business Intelligence data
Don't be a slave of system and use time wasted on data entry. Smart reports helps to be intelligent and smart with clients management.

Mass mailing possibilities
Additional DATALOGIC Mailer module is powerful tool for email marketing and supports huge amount of receivers.
Extendable for services management
It is hard to track periodic services and subscriptions. DATALOGIC customization possibilities allows to create tools for it.
Exploit smart phones
DATALOGIC supports mobile devices and especially smart phones are ideal place to collect a lot of data without any additional time wasting.
Auditing system
Additional auditing system holds information about user and system actions and enables additional tracking and incidents analysis.