E-commerce (B2C)

Online shopping cart or online ordering is just a tip of the iceberg. Sucessful e-commerce processes compounds complex integration of product suppliers, fully automated logistic, distributed order management, delivery pricing, marketing tools and etc. Quite often there is a necessity of full storage management tools, complex pricing dependant on client, ordering time, shares, sales, currency, multilevel pricing and so forth. DATALOGIC is able to deliver a huge experience in all of these aspects and much more. IT is fully customizable software for any kind of online and offline business model. 

What is the target of business?

Retail and wholesale SME's (small and medium size enterprises). Practically every trade company, who want to expand trade over internet.     

Features and benefits
Fully automated trade processes   DCE technology for content management
Marketing, SEO optimisation possibilities   Marketing, SEO optimization
Easy integration posibilities   Unlimited pricing management model