DATALOGIC Warehouse gives efficient management from raw materials to manufacturing and distribution and ultimately to your end customer. Getting the right products to the right place at the right time. Versatile orders fulfilment with complete bin management and cross-location visibility capabilities provides significant magnification for business. With DATALOGIC's Inventory, SCM and Business Intelligence capabilities, you get complete view into all demand and supply key-points across your company, helping you run a business with higher levels of customer satisfaction.
Increased stock transparency   Increased efficiency of daily operations
Streamlined order management   Reduced fulfilment costs
Effective stock level management   Higher efficiency of pickup and put-away

Fully featured orders fulfillment
Detail items information, smart interface functions and helpful management tools rises up work efficiency.
PDA for efficient daily work
Exploit mobile devices support such as barcode scanners, PDAs, Smartphones, Scan phones. Save time on every labor operation.
Real-time orders
Real-time warehouse stock management enables real-time ordering in 99,9% accuracy. Don't lose orders and earnings.
Versatile storages management
Unlimited depth storages tree, extended geolocation information allows to have flexible and handy structure for warehouse items storing.
Code, Barcode, SKU, Vendor ID, ...
Full range of product identification possibilities for effective work in every workplace and with any device.
Integration support of host ERP systems
Don't lose experience from existing ERP, but empower business with new generation workplaces in which it needed by integrating DATALOGIC.
Unlimited categories, locations, storages
DATALOGIC software architecture ensures unlimited tree structures for various business objects. This provides flexible and handy environment.
Everything in place
Flexible user interface and seamless software architecture allows to get information in place when it is needed.

Search with autocomplete
DATALOGIC have customizable, fast and inteligent search. This is indispensable element of effective daily work.
PDF documents generation
Storage transfers are extended with customizable documents for additional checking or physical confirmations if needed.
LOT automation
DATALOGIC automated functions such as warehouse LOT creating, same items merging, SN generation allows to work faster.
Auditing system
Additional auditing system holds information about user and system actions and enables additional tracking and incidents analysis.